Catwoman caught in Athens

Jumping from balcony to balcony in the center of the Greek capital helped police eventually handcuff a “catwoman” originally from Morocco.

A Moroccan woman for 24 years earned herself money to live in Greece by robbing apartments. Last Saturday afternoon, at about 4:30, she was seen in a house on Feron Street, near Victoria Square, and the vigilant residents immediately called the police. They reported that suspicious people got inside through the hatch on the roof.

Having received a call, the rapid response team arrived at the scene, and here the fun began. At first, one of the policemen remained below, and the second went up to the roof. But then the second one also had to get up, as the criminals famously jumped onto the roof of a neighboring house, trying to hide.

Pursuing them, the policemen got into the neighboring house in the same way and found a broken window in the apartment there. Residents of the house told the police that the thieves were hiding on the balcony of the fifth floor, and one of them without hesitation jumped from the roof to the balcony terrace, being injured by a broken window sill. Despite this, the police managed to detain the robber.

It turned out to be … a young woman who, like a catwoman, famously jumped from roof to roof and from balcony to balcony. Despite unprecedented activity, she still ended up in handcuffs. Items stolen by the woman were also found, which the police returned to their owners.

Trade unionist reports unusual incident EL.AS Christos Balaska, who congratulated his colleagues on the brilliantly performed unusual operation, reports newsbeezer.

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