EU welcomes refugees from Ukraine, says Ursula von der Leyen

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly called for negotiations to open humanitarian corridors in the country. The number of refugees from Ukraine could reach more than 7 million people, said European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic.

The UN said today that up to 4 million people could have left the country. The number, frankly, sounds incredible. Meanwhile, the English edition “The Guardian” writes about a more modest number of 368 thousand Ukrainians who left their homes due to military escalation. “According to the UN refugee agency, at least 368,000 people have already fled their homes in Ukraine, and more than 4.5 million people could follow them if the fighting continues…”, it says.

It is emphasized that most people flee to one of the 12 border crossings that Ukraine shares with Poland. The rest cross the border at one of the nine border points with Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova. The Lviv Regional State Administration announces the opening of two more checkpoints with Hungary for the evacuation of women and children – Dzvonkove and Kosino.

Prime Minister Johnson promises that Britain will accept refugees leaving Ukraine. German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock says Germany is ready to accept ALL refugees who come to the European Union.

Angelina Jolie also promises to help. The American actress released a statement saying that she is now working with the Refugee Agency, which protects those who have left their homes.

“I am focused on doing everything possible to ensure the protection and basic rights of displaced people and refugees in the region. We have already seen reports of casualties and people who have started to leave their homes in search of safety. It is still too early to know what will happen, but the significance of this moment for the people of Ukraine and for the international legal order cannot be overestimated.”

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