European Commission to Erdogan: “Hostile statements towards Greece raise serious concerns”

The European Commission spoke out sharply against the threats of the political leadership of Turkey towards Greece. “The continued hostile statements by Turkey’s political leadership towards Greece and the Greek people are of grave concern and stand in stark contrast to much-needed de-escalation efforts in the Eastern Mediterranean,” Foreign Policy Commission spokesman Peter Stano said […]

On September 14, Ursula von der Leyen will outline a plan to cap energy prices

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will lay out a plan to impose a cap on energy prices on September 14, according to a spokesperson. EU. “Mrs von der Leyen, our president, will lay this out in more detail on September 14,” Mechthild Wörsdörfer, deputy director general of the commission’s energy department, told the […]

The European Commission accuses the Greek government: “Spying on political opponents is unacceptable”

The European Commission “sees” in the case of N. Androulakis Greek “Watergate” for attempts by intelligence agencies to inject spyware into the smartphone of the President of PASOK KINAL. In fact, the commission accuses the Greek government that, if Androulakis’s complaint is confirmed, it will become main culprit the kind of action usually taken totalitarian […]

Greece rejects European Commission proposal to cut gas consumption by 15%

Following Spain Greece and Portugal have rejected a European Commission proposal calling for a 15% reduction in natural gas consumption, mainly to help Germany. Government spokesman Yiannis Ikonomou told reporters this afternoon: “The Greek government disagrees in principle with the Commission’s proposal to reduce natural gas consumption by 15%.” He added: “We submitted our own […]

European Commission: developed a mechanism for the confiscation of Russian assets

A bill has appeared in the EC that creates a legal framework for the confiscation of assets obtained by criminal means, including violation of sanctions. According to Reutersthe European Commission wants to make it as easy as possible to confiscate assets linked to criminal activities – including sanctions evaders who EU introduced against the Kremlin. […]

The European Commission sent inspectors because of problems with freedom of speech in Greece

In connection with the recent fall Greece by 38 positions compared to last year in the world press freedom rankings (Greece is now ranked 108th out of 180 countries and last among European countries in the corresponding Reporters Without Borders list for 2022), and accusations of spying on journalists (the Koukaki case and the Predator […]

European Commission: “Enhanced supervision of Greece will end in August”

The European Commission has given the green light to a €748 million allocation to Greece from the Eurogroup based on the 14th increased oversight report since the signing of the memorandum, which was published on Tuesday. In the report, the commission noted that Greece has taken the necessary steps to achieve the agreed commitments, despite […]

Ursula von der Leyen presented a plan for the restoration of Ukraine after the war

The fundamentals of the plan for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war, with European and global funding, were presented on Wednesday, May 18, by the European Commission. The war resulted in the collapse of Ukraine’s tax, export and other revenues, coupled with large-scale appropriation of assets and exports, including in the agricultural sector, as […]

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