"Cheap and cheerful": let’s hit inflation and coronavirus, citizens!

Christoforos Zaralikos was quite sarcastic when he created, on his own initiative, a short video on the topic of the day “We stay unwashed” instead of “We stay at home”.

The famous comedian “cut the Gordian knot” in one fell swoop – he told citizens how to deal with the pandemic and rising prices “cheaply and cheerfully.” And all you just need to … “stop washing”!

It looks like the country’s government has found an unexpected ally in the fight against inflation, coronavirus and energy costs.

Following the advice of the minister “responsible for the water heater”, who called on the people on TV to “turn on the boiler less often”, Christoforos Zaralikos in his video urges citizens not to use the water-heating electric tank, not to wash, and therefore “passers-by and passengers in transport will stay away from you , and your co-workers will also stop reaching out to say hello (because you will stink, as noted in the video).There you have the answer to the question of how to keep your distance + save electricity!

The comedian also advises those who receive a light bill to open it in the presence of your attending physician – as symptoms such as dizziness, hysteria, and fainting may occur.

Σε πρώτη μετάδοση το κοινωνικό μήνυμα του @zaralikos_chr για την προστασία μας από τους λογαριασμούς της ΔΕΗ.
Ένα σποτ τομή στη δημοκρατία του #Κουλημε την υποσημείωση,#τψρμ
🤣😂🤣 pic.twitter.com/D28H3ValKJ

— Marka2 (@Marka2_) February 15, 2022

However, there are quite real ways how save electricity.

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