Another one "bomb" will finally undermine the budget of Greek households

The European Central Bank (ECB) intends to raise interest rates during the summer, and Greek banks are already preparing for the corresponding adjustments, which will be made in relation to both individuals and legal entities. New loan payments add to the explosive mix of rising prices coupled with the energy crisis.Existing and new borrowers with […]

Rising energy prices: will air conditioners be banned?

The Greek government is developing an energy saving plan for the summer and next winter, with restrictions on the use of air conditioners likely to be imposed. The government is intervening to save energy for the summer and next winter, following the model of other European countries such as Italy. According to ΝΕΩΝ, this is […]

Gas: what subsidies will households and businesses receive in May

Support is provided for gas consumers in the implementation of new measures to overcome the energy crisis in Greece. In addition to the fact that electricity bills were announced, Minister of the Environment and Energy Kostas Skrekas also mentioned natural gas. According to him, for the population (i.e. according to tariff for the population) the […]

Greece ranks 20th among 33 European countries in terms of electricity prices

According to the monthly HEPI survey of retail electricity prices in European countries, Greece ranks 20th out of 33 in terms of electricity prices. The survey was conducted by the Austrian and Hungarian energy regulators in cooperation with Vaasa ETT. According to the information published on the website, despite the large increase recently due […]

Electricity bills from June: to be installed "ceiling" prices

The Prime Minister of Greece announced a new national program to support the population and counteract the consequences of the war and the “explosion” of imported energy prices at yesterday’s cabinet meeting. Mr. Mitsotakis said that “intervention in the field of wholesale electricity prices will be declared valid from June.” The bills that households and […]

A new gift from the government to pensioners, beneficiaries and the disabled

The government is determined to continue supporting citizens in order to counter the wave of inflation that hit the heads of citizens. The prices of all basic foodstuffs have risen. For this reason, according to the publication Dnewssince April 11, the government is thinking about repeating the issuance of one-time assistance to the same beneficiaries […]

How to Reduce Your Electricity Bills: Tips for European Citizens

The European Union has urged Europeans to drive as little as possible, turn on their air conditioners less often and work from home three times a week to reduce addiction. EU from Russian gas and oil. According to the commission, the measures developed by the International Energy Agency (Διεθνή Οργανισμό Ενέργειας, ΔΟΕ) could save 450 […]

Tsipras: “Because of Mitsotakis, Greece has the most expensive electricity price in Europe”

Alexis Tsipras reiterated its proposals to keep the cost of electricity bills as low as possible, emphasizingthat just as Portugal implemented it without budget costs, so can Greece. “We don’t need to cut down money trees, we want to cut down thieves’ trees,” the opposition leader said in an interview. OPEN Wednesday morning. “The collapse […]

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