Greece has everything, even a landlocked port

This small fishing boat port on the Athenian Riviera is definitely one of a kind. It is between Flisvos and Batis stops in Paleo Faliro and closed from all sides, including from the sea.

A true 100% safe haven for small fishing boats.

When the UpDrones/Good Droning team sent a drone to film this unusual port, there were no boats there. Porto di Aegina is temporarily closed, according to the inscription on the map.

When asked by a drone operator how these boats could get out of the port and into the sea, some people who knew the area well at Batis/Eden Beach in Paleo Faliro gave a disarming answer: “The owners drag the boats out to sea with their hands.”

“In the country where we live, anything is possible,” notes UpStories.

I can confirm this story. In summer and winter, I saw boats there many times when I walked in the area. I have seen many times that there is no open – at least not visible! lol – access to the sea. Only once did I wonder: how the hell do boats get in or out? I have not received a reply.

You can check, it is located between the tram stops Φλoίσβoς and Μπάτης.
Truly, “in Greece everything is…”

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