EOF warning about a dangerous weight loss drug

The National Medicines Agency EOF warns consumers about the dangers of using the drug for weight loss.

As mentioned in the announcement made today, “EOF, having received information from the competent authority in Germany, warns consumers not to buy or use the “DIOX TEADETOX% 100 EXTRACT POWDER” slimming product that could be distributed in our country via the Internet.

Based on the results of laboratory tests carried out with the above product, it turned out that it contains the drug sibutramine. He was banned in EU since January 2010, because, according to the relevant committee of the European Medicines Agency (CHMP-EMA), the ratio of benefit and risk is not in favor of the first. Therefore, when using the above drug, there is a serious risk to human health.

EOF announcement: “Consumers are urged to be vigilant. And if they have purchased a particular product, do not use it and report it immediately. It is emphasized that purchasing products from untrusted distribution points, such as the Internet, can pose a serious health risk to the consumer.”

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