Czech Republic: The singer contracted the coronavirus to get a certificate and … died

The 57-year-old singer in the Czech Republic specifically contracted the coronavirus in order to get a medical certificate and be able to lead a comfortable lifestyle, but unexpectedly (?) died.

Czech singer Hana Horka dies after catching Covid intentionally

— BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) January 19, 2022

This story was told to BBC journalists by her son. Hana Horka, 57, who has not been vaccinated and has posted on social media that she is recovering after she tested positive for the coronavirus.
However, the woman died two days later. According to the singer’s son, she deliberately contracted the virus when he and his father contracted the virus in order to get a medical certificate and have access to certain places. In the Czech Republic, as in many countries around the world, the authorities have imposed restrictions on the unvaccinated. Father and son – both fully vaccinated – contracted COVID-19 at Christmas. However, according to her son, his mother chose not to keep her distance and deliberately contracted the coronavirus. “She had to be isolated for a week because we had a positive test result. But she was with us all the time,” he said. As he explained, his mother was a member of Asonance, one of the oldest Czech folk groups. Therefore, she wanted to get a certificate of illness in order to lift restrictions on movement. Two days before her death, the woman wrote on social networks that she was recovering and happily commented: “Now there will be a theater, a sauna, concerts.” Then the woman’s back hurt and they went to lie down in the bedroom. About 10 minutes later, the singer died of suffocation.

Jan Reck emphasizes that although his mother was not vaccinated, she did not adhere to any conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus or about vaccines. “She just preferred infection over vaccination. She didn’t talk about any microchips or anything like that.”

Trying to convince her to get vaccinated was useless, because she reacted very emotionally to such conversations, the singer’s son says, adding that he decided to share the family tragedy in order to warn other people.

He hopes her story will encourage more people to get vaccinated. “If you have real life examples in front of your eyes, it is more convincing than graphs and numbers. It is difficult to sympathize with numbers,” Jan Rek added.


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