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According to Eurostat’s 2020 data released today, 27.5% of Greeks are at risk of poverty or social exclusion, compared to 21.9%, the EU average.

Greece ranks third in the EU (27.5%) in terms of the percentage of the population at risk of poverty, after Romania (35.8%) and Bulgaria (33.6%). It is followed by Spain with a share (27%), Lithuania (24.5%), Estonia (22.8%) and Germany (22.5%).

The lowest rates were recorded in the Czech Republic (11.5%), Slovakia (13.8%), Slovenia (14.3%), the Netherlands (15.8%) and Finland (15.9%).

In particular, in Greece, 31.5% of the minor population (persons under 18) are close to the poverty line or social exclusion, compared with 24.2% in the EU.

In addition, according to Eurostat, 29.7% of households with children in Greece (compared to 22.3% in the EU) and 25.7% of households without children (compared to 21.6% in the EU) are at risk of poverty or social isolation.

In Greece as a whole, 28.8% of women and 26.1% of men are at risk of poverty or social exclusion (compared to 22.9% and 20.9% in the EU, respectively).

67.5% of the unemployed in Greece face the risk of poverty and social exclusion, and 16.1% of employed people. The corresponding percentages in the EU are 66.2% and 11.8%.

Eurostat published these data on the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.


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