2 out of 3 Greeks have cut spending on food and reduced the use of home appliances

Two out of three citizens have reduced their electricity consumption and food purchases, and eight out of ten regularly “hunt” for promotions and discounts held in supermarkets. Since the money spent is now the main criterion for choosing products. This is the result of a study by the Consumer Goods Retail Institute (IELKA), which reflects […]

Social dividend for Easter will not receive 3 categories of citizens

Measures to overcome inflation and the amount of financial assistance provided by the state to low-income citizens of the country were finally determined. So who will be left without an extraordinary one-time Easter allowance this year? The financial staff of the government seems to have decided on who will receive an allowance (social dividend) from […]

An old woman who stole groceries from a store because she was starving will be tried

The story of an elderly woman who went to the extreme – stealing food to eat – did not leave indifferent the inhabitants of Greece. To the questions “Will she be punished for stealing food from the supermarket? If the trial continues, will the court punish the elderly woman?” journalists tried to answer. The story […]

The decision to issue a coupon for 100 euros is being considered by the government

The government is looking for ways to support the population in a difficult economic situation, and is exploring all possible scenarios. Among them is support for those who are most in need and therefore under the greatest pressure due to inflation. The scenario under consideration assumes that the most vulnerable households will be issued a […]

It remains only in dreams to reduce VAT on basic products

The government is postponing the reduction of VAT on basic products as a measure to support the population due to inflation and rising prices due to the energy crisis. The head of the prime minister’s office, Alexis Patelis, stressed that “the government will act prudently. So far, support has been provided to citizens, including, for […]

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