Six people arrested while trying to demolish a wall at the University of Athens

Six people were arrested by police on Wednesday night during an ongoing operation at the Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE) in central Athens.

According to preliminary information, the suspects tried to demolish the wall in order to arrange a party inside the campus. To stop the young people, a special forces detachment from the Greek Anti-Terrorist Police Service was sent.

The police posted footage of the arrest on their official YouTube channel. At the same time, commentators (on social networks) pointed out: it’s good that there were no killed people. The detainees were taken to the Attica Police Department (GADA), which is conducting a preliminary investigation into the case.

Police intervention sparked a student rally in solidarity, while minor clashes erupted between police and students outside the university building. In the network, the situation was assessed ambiguously.

απαγορευεται ο πολιτικος ακτιβισμος λες και εχουμε χουντα;
ετσι και γειανει ο Τσιπρας, θα γινει χαμος …

– υπερήφανα ντροπή του έθνους .. #IStandWithJKRowling (@ kanekos69) January 12, 2022

The commentator under the nickname “proud shame of the nation” writes: “Political activity is prohibited, as if we have a junta? Since Tsipras is there, will it be a disaster?”

Δείτε το video μέχρι τέλους.
Δείτε πως μ ‘ένα τρυπάνι κατεδαφίζουν τοίχους μέσα στα Πανεπιστήμια.
Τι σχέση έχουν αυτές οι συμπεριφορές με το άσυλο;
Τι σχέση έχουν αυτά τα παρτάλια με τη Δημοκρατία.
Μπράβο στη @hellenicpolice και στην @nkerameus# ΑΣΣΟΕ

– NemesisSYRIZA (@NemesisSYRIZA) January 12, 2022

A commentator with the nickname NemesisSYRIZA (which can be translated as Vengeance of SYRIZA) is outraged by what happened, stating: “Watch the video until the end. Watch how the walls inside universities are being demolished with a drill. What does these views have to do with asylum? What do these rags have to do with democracy? Well done, @hellenicpolice and @nkerameus“.

This operation followed the previous day, during classes, in the auditorium of the Athens University of Economics and Business. the group burst in of the unknown, 6-7 (according to other sources, 10-15) people hiding their faces under their hoods. They went up to the lecturer and hit him several times on the head. When the students tried to intervene to stop the violence, they were also beaten. After the incident, the attackers fled.

A large police squad arrived at the scene. The professors were sent to the Evangelismos hospital and underwent computed tomography, according to Star TV. And law enforcement officers at this time tried to collect evidence from witnesses.

Reportedthat the attackers shouted insults at the professor, reminding him of the court cases in which he was involved.

CnnGreece reports, with reference to information, that the professor was acquitted for a financial offense, and the case of indecent acts, of which he is accused, remains open.

According to “Mega TV “, in 2018–2019, the victim was involved in a pyramid scheme. Edition “Free press“has published material in which he claims that Professor ΑΣΟΕΕ is a fraud.

At the moment, police officers are investigating, but the most realistic version remains that a certain group of anarchists is behind the attack, which in recent years has periodically assumed the functions of alternative justice (Rubicon?).

The prosecutor’s office ordered a preliminary investigation into the attack. Meanwhile, on social networks, the Greeks named the professor, and also posted a photo of him.

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