Stray dogs bit a university student

Once again, on the territory of the University of Patras, an incident was recorded with an attack by stray animals on students. This time, a student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aircraft Construction suffered, who was bitten by stray dogs.

On Sunday, January 9, at noon, a flock of stray dogs pounced on the student as the girl passed through the campus. The victim’s confessions are shocking: “Approaching the bus stop located near the Faculty of Pharmacology of the University of Patras, I saw two dogs, which were probably frightened of my presence and began to bark. A few minutes later, more dogs appeared from the trees. I moved from the sidewalk to the open road to get away from aggressive animals. “

However, despite her attempts to avoid meeting the dogs, her misadventures did not end there. “They surrounded me two meters from the bus stop. It was a pack of 15-20 dogs, so I stopped, not knowing what to do next, – the student describes the terrible moments that she had to go through. – Suddenly I felt a bite in my right calf and immediately after that in my left thigh, which immediately became very painful. I ran to the bus stop, and they kind of lagged behind me. There was a bus passing by, and I managed to jump on it to save myself. “

The girl had to go to a medical facility and get a rabies vaccine.

According to the local newspaper Πελοπόννησος, this is one of many cases of dog attacks on people that have occurred on the campus.

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