Greek police announced the arrest of the customer of the murder of Alexander Solonik

Thessaloniki, 10 January 2022 – A flight from Larnaca landed at Macedonia Airport. A 48-year-old man, a citizen of Greece, of Georgian origin comes out of him, policemen approach him, handcuffs snap into place …

Of this Russian hitman, on account of which dozens of murders, including the elimination of criminal “authorities”, a criminal who made three escapes from custody, is considered a legend of the underworld of the 1990s.

Greek police say Monday there was an arrest Joachim Karsliadis, who has been in a refuge in Cyprus in recent years. The branch of Interpol on the “island of Aphrodite” in the strictest secrecy established its whereabouts and immediately notified the Cypriot authorities, which, in turn, notified their Greek colleagues.

Cypriot and Greek officials decided to arrest 48-year-old Joachim Karsliadis, who ordered the murders of Alexander Solonik and Svetlana Kotova, in Greece, not Cyprus, in order to avoid extradition proceedings.

Thus, in the conditions of the strictest secrecy, the EL.AS plan was implemented. on the capture and arrest of a man who, according to the Greek police, in 1997 ordered the murder of one of the most famous personalities of the Russian underworld.

Joachim Karsliadis is charged with participation in the murder of 2 people, as well as violation of the law on the circulation of weapons. According to the publication, Katimerini, the Greek prosecutor’s office issued a warrant for his arrest back in 2005.

Russian justice in 2011 arrested and sentenced Sergei Butorin (Osyu) to life imprisonment. Earlier, in 2005 and 2006, the direct perpetrators, members of the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group, Andrei Gusev, Andrei Filippov, Alexander Pustovalov and Andrei Pylev were convicted. And on July 5, 2017, in the Suzdal district of the Vladimir region, detained the last of those involved in the assassination of Thessaloniki is Alexander Sharapov.

According to the Greek police, it was Karsliadis who ordered the execution of Thessaloniki, which means that in the case of the death of the most famous killer of the 90s, new sensational details may appear.

Of this Russian hitman, on account of which dozens of murders, including the elimination of criminal “authorities”, a criminal who made three escapes from custody, is considered a legend of the underworld of the 1990s.

On the basis of the adventures of Alexander Solonik (aka “Valerianich” and “Alexander the Great” – for the ability to shoot simultaneously “with two hands”) books were written, feature films and documentaries were shot. What was the uniqueness of this contract killer?

Failed policeman

Solonik really studied at the Gorky Higher Police School, where he entered after serving in the army, but left it six months later. By the way, it was during his military service that the future killer received the skills of sports shooting, which were then very useful to him. The unsuccessful policeman went to earn money by digging graves in the cemetery of his native city of Kurgan, where at that time several strong guys worked – Andrei Koligov, Oleg Nelyubin, Vitaly Ignatov and Pavel Zelenin. It was these people who would later form the backbone of the notorious Kurgan criminal group.


The killer committed his first high-profile contract murder in June 1990 – in Tyumen he shot the leader of the Ishim criminal group, Nikolai Prichinich. Prior to that, Alexander Solonik managed to escape from custody twice – the first time, when he was tried for rape, and the second time after being arrested again (he disappeared through the sewer system of the Ulyanovsk colony, without having served 2 years in the ITK). Since the end of 1990, a hired killer, a “regular killer” of the Kurgan organized criminal group, Solonik has been driving daily “to work” to the capital from Orekhovo-Zuevo, where he lives with forged documents. In April 1993, near the disco “U LIS`Sa”, one of the leaders of the Bauman organized criminal group Valery Dlugach (“Globus”) was killed by Simonov’s carbine.

Escape from “Matrosskaya Tishina”

Once again, Alexander Solonik was detained in October 1994 at the Moscow Petrovsko-Razumovsky market. The killer took out a Glock-18 automatic pistol right in the police room and shot three police officers and a private security guard. I tried to hide, firing back, but was wounded in the kidney. Solonik was placed in the famous “Matrosskaya Tishina” pre-trial detention center, where he began to confess to the commission of almost all high-profile murders of that time. As one of the lawyers for the assassin, Aleksey Zavgorodniy, said, Solonik took on about 20 murders – the arrested person was allegedly inspired that the more confessions he made about the episodes of liquidation of criminal authorities, the softer the guilty verdict would be. True, according to the second lawyer of the killer, Valery Karyshev, the person under investigation eventually renounced his initial testimony.

Solonik’s case consisted of 30 criminal episodes. It has been proved, for example, that the adopted son of the legendary thief in law Vyacheslav Ivankov (Yaponchik), the influential thief in law Viktor Nikiforov (Kalina), was shot dead in 1992 by a killer, and in 1994, the leader of the Bauman organized criminal group Vladislav Vanner (Bobon). In July 1995, Alexander Solonik did something that no one had been able to do before – he managed to escape from Matrosskaya Tishina ”! Helped by a “sent Cossack” – one of the warders of the pre-trial detention center, Sergeant of the internal service Sergei Menshikov. According to one of the versions, the serviceman was specially introduced into the isolation ward by some influential criminal group. Another assumption boils down to bribery – allegedly Solonik’s “colleagues” “sent” half a million dollars to the security guard. One way or another, with the help of the climbing equipment brought by Menshikov, the killer and his rescuer got out of the pre-trial detention center. Menshikov was killed a few months later in the suburbs of Athens, there is a version that the one whom the former sergeant saved was involved in his death.

Death with Miss Russia-96

After his escape, Alexander Solonik hid in Greece, where he lived under the name of Vladimir Kesov, together with the famous model, fashion model of the Moscow agency RED STARS and the finalist of the Miss Russia-96 beauty contest, 22-year-old Svetlana Kotova. Not only the Russian special services were looking for him, but also the lads. There is a version that the security forces knew about the whereabouts of the killer, but their Greek colleagues were in no hurry to hand over the hired killer: allegedly Solonik was recruited by Greek counterintelligence in order to obtain information about Russian organized crime groups in Greece.

The body of Sasha the Macedonian was discovered by the police on February 2, 1997 at a garbage dump in Varibobi, a suburb of the Greek capital. The body, wrapped in a plastic bag, lay a few meters from the road. The forensic doctor stated that the victim had been strangled.

An electric cable wrapped around the victim’s neck. The murderers of “Sasha the Macedonian” executed him not with a bullet, but by strangulation. They wanted him to suffer until his last breath …

The death occurred about 24 hours before the discovery of the corpse, which, as the police assumed, was brought from where Solonik was executed.

Subsequently, it was established that both were killed by members of the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group: there was a redistribution of spheres of influence between criminal groups. All those involved in the murder of the killer have been identified over time and to date have been convicted under various articles.

No documents were found with the victim, but Russian police officers who arrived in Athens in search of the famous killer on February 1 helped to identify the deceased. Prior to that, they told their Greek colleagues through Interpol that, according to their information, Solonik was trying to leave Greece and wanted to go to Italy, and asked to tighten controls at the borders.

Later, an unknown informant said that information about Solonik should be sought at a gas station near the Ellinikon airport. After a long search, they did find a box with a note in Russian and a plan explaining how to find the fugitive. This note led to the find in Varibobi.

Who was he really?

Former lawyer of Alexander Solonik, Valery Karyshev, has written several books about the killer, allegedly prepared on the basis of conversations with the hired killer himself. By the way, neither Karyshev nor the killer’s mother, who saw the corpse of the murdered criminal, believed that the body belonged to Solonik.

Some criminal “authorities” also considered him alive. Alexander Solonik was also credited with belonging to the mythical top-secret government special service “White Arrow”, whose employees allegedly secretly eliminate especially dangerous crime bosses who successfully evade criminal responsibility. Former head of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department, Viktor Golovanov, believes that “killer number one Solonik” is just an image created by journalists: in reality, the hired killer was an ordinary ordinary “six”. In addition, scientifically, with the help of DNA tests, it has been proven that the corpse found in Greece belongs to Alexander Solonik, and there is no secret in his death.

Solonik’s remains were buried in a common grave

In 2000, 3 years after the burial, the grave of Alexander Solonik was liquidated at the Third Athenian cemetery. The grave, for which no one looked after and did not pay for its maintenance, was declared ownerless. According to Greek law, in such cases, the remains are transferred to a general burial.

On the basis of the adventures of Alexander Solonik (aka “Valerianich” and “Alexander the Great” – for the ability to shoot simultaneously “with two hands”) books were written, feature films and documentaries were shot. What was the uniqueness of this contract killer?

Failed policeman

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