Kifissia: Gang attacked minors to rob them – 14-year-old in hospital

The alarm went off to the Greek police on Saturday at 10:30 pm when it became known that a gang of about 20 young Roma had attacked a group of four teenagers who were walking in the Kifissia area to rob them.

Two minors managed to escape, while the other two were beaten and their mobile phones were taken away. One was hit at the same time [стеклянной] bottle over the head.

According to the police, the 14-year-old was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

No criminals found …

The problem of juvenile delinquency among Roma has become especially urgent in recent years. The authorities have not yet found (or do not particularly want to look for) methods that can change this situation.

It is known that the judiciary and the police, for various reasons, are afraid of touching the Roma. The reasons for this are political, the Gypsy community in Greece is a large and fairly well-organized political force, and also has many defenders on the part of human rights organizations, and of a personal nature – there is a lot of trouble with the Gypsies, they aggressively protest during the trials, thus exerting strong pressure on the court.

During a recent incident, a police chase was 16 year old teenager shotin a stolen car with two fellow tribesmen. The policemen who started the shooting during the mogony, barely managed to escape jail

Cases were repeatedly recorded when qigans tried to take by storming the courtrooms. There are also known cases of threats and violence against judges, prosecutors and police officers, as well as their families.

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