December 11, 2023

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A network of migrants’ trade discovered: they were imported from Turkey, robbed, their passports were taken away publishes details of the discovery and capture of members of a gang that transported foreigners from Turkey to Greece, and then stole their passports, mobile phones, money and valuables.

When the immigrant tried to protest, he was threatened that he would simply “turn over to the police.” Six traffickers were arrested by OPKE officers at pl. Omonia.

Police Testimony

The testimony of a police officer is indicative: “On 31.12 we, together with my colleagues, patrolled in the center of Athens. We recently received information on the activities of six foreigners of Syrian origin who transport illegal immigrants from Turkey to Greece, whose personal belongings are removed upon entering the country and then sold in shops in the Omonia area.

The criminals come to Athens once or twice a month by bus with these items to sell them. We were watching KTEL Kifissos when the bus arrived from Orestiada at 5:10. “Six foreigners came out, similar to the descriptions of the wanted persons, which we received in advance.”

The OPKE police officer, as follows from his testimony published by, together with his colleagues began to observe the taxi in which the criminals got into. After a while, they stopped the vehicle and checked the immigrants. After being detained, the foreigners were taken to the Omonia police station and a criminal case was opened against them. The foreigners were found to have travel documents and mobile phones that did not belong to them.

The lawyer stood up for his charges

“All six of my clients have been released, and the trial has been postponed due to lack of necessary evidence. The accusation we face is heavy. The court will prove that the alleged traffickers are not ultimately such. The information used by the Greek police to arrest my clients is important, but not enough to convict them, as witnesses will be called and documents and photographs presented to prove their innocence, ”iefimerida said. gr lawyer of the accused Dimitris Zorbas.

The investigation is ongoing.

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