Romania: fine for … wearing a mask

Starting today, Romania is imposing a fine of $ 570 for wearing a cloth mask.

Amid the rapid spread of the omicron strain, Romanian Interior Minister Lucian Bode told Digi 24 that a textile mask is not a reliable means of protection against it, and a $ 570 fine will be imposed for its use:

“Experts say that the Omicron strain spreads very quickly and is overly infectious, in these conditions, wearing a mask is extremely important to stop the spread. The penalty for wearing an unsuitable mask is equal to the penalty for not wearing it. “

Latvia is also actively discussing the issue of abandoning fabric masks, but so far the authorities are only recommending residents to use medical masks or FPP2 respirators.

Our edition at the end of December last year wrote about uselessness of cloth masks… Liane Wen, professor of health policy and management at George Washington University, urges better protection against the new Omicron coronavirus strain. She explained that cloth masks are useless against him, they can only be worn over surgical, three-layer ones. In an interview with CNN, she explained that with a large crowd of people, it is better to use respirators class N95that prevent small particles from entering the nasopharynx.

On New Year’s Eve, new measures announced by the government to prevent the proliferation of the omicron strain of coronavirus came into force in Greece. Their list includes the mandatory use of a high security mask or, alternatively, double accessory… This requirement must be met when visiting supermarkets and on public transport, as well as at the workplace by catering staff.

During the holidays, only after intervention at the ministry level, greek policeman was fined € 300 for not wearing a mask while fining others for a similar violation.

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