September 22, 2023

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Pakistani Ambassador: Let Pakistanis Unite Because Greeks Want To Harm Us

A few days after the scandalous situation that took place in Syntagma Square on New Year’s Eve, the Pakistani ambassador decided to give an interview to the Pakistani media. Not Greek.

Therefore, in his interview, he makes some references that may well be considered strange or even provocative. He believes that the Pakistanis in Greece should unite because the people of Greece want them to be ill. What exactly does this mean?

Press release attached to the interview with the Pakistani Ambassador to Greece, translated:

“An important message from the Ambassador of Pakistan to Greece, Mr. Muhammad Nadim Khan, to the Pakistani community. The Pakistani ambassador said that the Pakistani community in Greece should unite in its ranks and put an end to the differences between them.

“We’re going to have problems. They (the Greeks. Editor’s note) do not want unity between us, and these forces seek to harm us. The only solution is to keep the unity. “

However, he concluded by calling on Pakistanis living in Greece to abide by the law. (Well, at least thanks for that). “And follow the laws of the country in which you live.” This concludes his interview.

Watch the related video:

Ο πρέσβης του Πακιστάν στην Ελλάδα παραχώρησε συνέντευξη σε Πακιστανικό ΜΜΕ:

“Δεχόμαστε πόλεμο-Οι Πακιστανικές οργανώσεις στην Ελλάδα πρέπει να ενωθούν”

Η συνέντευξη ήρθε λίγες ώρες μετά τις αποκαλύψεις που κάναμε με την κατάληψη της πλατείας Συντάγματος απατου

– Andreas Mountzouroulias ?? (@andreasmoun) January 5, 2022

PS It is not the business of a diplomat to make such statements to the media while in another country, all the more so to call for unification (well, at least not for an uprising).

On the other hand, he is right about one thing: his compatriots behaved unreasonably and this caused (and not the first time) a negative reaction from the Greek community, receiving an appropriate response in response. But, given the religious component and the peculiarity of the national mentality of the Greeks, this statement looks very provocative.

Was the situation of 2019 not enough, when crowds of Pakistanis roamed the streets of Athens demanding execute a Greek who insulted a prophet… For some reason, I imagined the same demonstration on the streets of Karachi, where illegal migrants who came to Pakistan, moreover “infidels”, demanded the execution of a local resident for insulting their saint. Can’t you imagine it? And me too.

Όπως βλέπετε στο βίντεο, δίπλα στον πακιστανό ζαίο Τζαβέντ Ασλάμ Αραήν είναι ο υποψιταιος δήμαρχος τκεναιττουτου Ακούει τα ισλαμοτζιχαντιστικα συνθήματα με ικανοποίηση. Ιδού και η μετάφραση του απειλητικου κειμενου απ τo Βing

– Filokalia ☧ن όχι στα ναζιστικά μέτρα Κούλη (@filokalia) December 8, 2019

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