EL AS: "Guardians of the Constitution" set up dozens of cells all over Greece

The Hellenic Police (EL.AS) released the first results of an investigation into the Guardians of the Constitution social movement, which claims they are protecting the country from “evil authorities who want to vaccinate everyone.” Cells of up to 100 self-proclaimed “Guardians of the Constitution” are located in Attica, Thessaloniki, Pieria, Lesvos, Crete and other parts […]

Authorities are investigating the connection "guardians of the constitution" with the threat of death to the mayor of Kilkis

An investigation into the death threat to the mayor of Kilkis in northern Greece is underway if he does not order to “remove all illegal migrants from the area,” state broadcaster ERT reported on Monday. By publishing a document received on December 10 by the office of the mayor of Kilkis Dimitris Kyriakidis, the ERT […]

Anti-Vaxers took up arms and called for the “execution of traitors”

Greek antivaxers have taken up arms and are calling for the execution of politicians, judges, military, police and citizens who are guilty of “destroying humanity with the coronavirus vaccine.” According to the article, published in the newspaper “Realnews”, the text of the “sacred statement” was posted on the main page of the publication and signed […]

Who are these 11 Constitutional Guardians arrested for kidnapping a high school principal?

“Guardians of the Constitution” position themselves on social networks as “art lovers”, apparently in order not to drop their irrational status and have many supporters among anti-Axers, supporters of the flat earth theory and other similar theories. As it turned out, the faces the headmaster was “arrested” Eginio was a diverse group of personalities. According […]

"Guardians of the Constitution" the headmaster of a school in northern Greece was arrested

An unprecedented incident, initiated by a group of self-proclaimed Constitution Guardians in central Macedonia, occurred Friday morning when eleven people approached the principal of a secondary school in Aeginio, handcuffed him and forced him into a car. People dressed in uniforms resembling police officers with the “Guardians of the Constitution” patches, for some time “rolled” […]

Police raid on the antiviral drug store “Ministry of Medicines” in Arachova

Greek police, finance and health authorities raided an anti-Axis shop in the winter resort of Arachova on Mount Parnassus. The store has been operating for a month and a half and was called the “Ministry of Legal Protection”. The store was opened by a group calling themselves “Guardians of the Constitution” who claim to have […]

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