Eurobank warns its clients about fraud

Eurobank warns its customers about fake emails and SMS. Messages lead to pages that supposedly belong to banks. However, it is not.

Unsuspecting citizens receive fraudulent emails or SMS on behalf of the bank, as the alleged sender.

Messages usually say “suspicious activity has been reported from your account or card” or “your account or card has been blocked or deactivated” and urge you to follow the instructions on the link contained in the SMS itself.

However, the link leads to a fraudulent website identical to that of the bank, where customers are tricked into entering e-banking codes, credit card details and one-time codes (OTP), which they receive at the time they require confirmation of transactions.

What to look for

You should be very suspicious of messages informing you of “problems” with accounts, cards, or e-banking. If you really doubt that something has happened to your accounts or cards, go to electronic or mobile banking yourself, without clicking on the link. Eurobank will never send you messages (email, SMS) that your account or card is blocked or has a problem, and then direct you through a website link to enter your card details, e-banking codes and OTP codes, to solve the alleged problem. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of messages, you should contact Europhone (210-9555000), which works around the clock, or the bank office that serves you.

These misleading messages are sent out massively and randomly. In other words, they are not personalized, they do not mention either the customer’s name or the account with which the problem occurred. In addition, these messages usually contain spelling or syntax errors.
Activate and configure the e-banking service in order to receive timely information on the movement of funds on your account by SMS or e-mail.

Carefully check the description of the messages (SMS, Viber) that you receive along with the one-time code (OTP) to confirm transactions. If you notice anything suspicious in the description, contact the bank immediately.

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