Thessaloniki: crownparty in … toilet

In violation of the measures to combat the spread of the deadly virus, which the authorities introduced on the eve of the holidays, entertainment establishments, in order not to miss out on profits, held “secret” parties. But this did not save them from fines and sanctions.

On New Year’s Eve, a nightclub in Efkarpia (Thessaloniki), although it seemed at first glance closed, worked with music and served customers in the basement, where the bathrooms were located.

An arrested 27-year-old man posted a video in which young people dance cheerfully and do not keep their distance. A 22-year-old manager of an entertainment establishment was also detained in the case. The company was fined 5,000 euros and its work was suspended.

Also, early Sunday morning, a fine was imposed in the amount of the corresponding amount and the suspension of the work of a cafeteria in the center of Thessaloniki, its 39-year-old owner was arrested. The catering establishment was opened after midnight, and this is interpreted as a violation of new measures to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Οι άλλοι στήσανε μπουζούκια στις τουαλέτες, αλλά φταίει η κυβέρνηση που δεν έφτιαξε 10 εκατομμύρια μεμανα.

– Δημόσιος Υπάλληλος (@Tou_Dhmosiou) January 1, 2022

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