Greece: new record – 35,580 coronavirus cases

The number of cases of coronavirus infection in Greece has broken another record, as the super-contagious mutation Omicron gains momentum and the number of cases grows exponentially.

According to EODY, there were 35,580 new cases of coronavirus in the country over the past 24 hours. During the same period, 72 deaths were recorded. At the same time, the number of intubated patients in intensive care units reached 636 people.

There were 424,682 PCR + Rapid tests (PCR: 60,693 Rapid: 363,989) and a positivity of 8.37%.

Of the total, 15,713 are in Attica (12,848 yesterday) and 3997 in Thessaloniki (3,496 yesterday).

Recall that yesterday, on Wednesday, 28,828 cases were registered, on Tuesday – 21,657, which is more than double the 9,284 cases registered on Monday.

In the scientific community, fears are growing louder that even the 3rd dose of the vaccine is not very effective against the Omicron mutation, since antibodies against it weaken after 10 weeks. This means comments from opponents of vaccination that after the 3rd, the 4th, 5th, etc. will follow. dose are found to be quite reasonable.

Is Omicron a commonplace flu?

Wana Papaevangelu, professor of infectious diseases and member of the Expert Committee, spoke about the Omicron strain.

Its symptoms are as follows:

Runny nose Headache Fatigue Sneezing Sore throat

Less commonly, patients have a cough, high fever, and loss of taste and smell.

Don’t you think that all this looks like a banal flu? Just please tell me an example, when for the sake of the flu, such restrictions were introduced?

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