Driving license in a mobile phone

In 2022, there will be big changes in terms of driving licenses. Any citizen with a motor vehicle who wishes can have their driver’s license in the digital “car wallet” of their mobile phone.

The digital renewal of driver’s licenses began via the TAXIS platform last week, with the entire process prior to receipt of the document being carried out digitally. This makes it easy for everyone to complete the upgrade without the need for the physical presence of car owners, saving more than 210,000 people a hassle every year.

In this context, and continuing to digitally update all services for Greek citizens, the government is expected to implement in 2022 the ability for a driver to “download” a driver’s license to a mobile phone to store it on their smartphone. Thus, he does not need to carry a laminated driver’s license with him.

In the new year, a special application will be presented that the driver will be able to “download” (the famous “car wallet”), and in which, in addition to the driver’s license, he will be able to digitally store other documents of his car, such as a registration certificate, information on payment for tax, kteo inspection certificate, copies of insurance contract, vehicle maintenance history, etc.

We remind you that a driver who is already in the process of changing his diploma can have a temporary driver’s license on his mobile phone, valid for 4 months.

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