Cameras will detect those who pass the red light

The authorities of the Attica region, as part of a pilot action, are trying to use video cameras to stop violations of traffic rules, in particular, driving at a red light.

According to the program, which was implemented, two cameras were installed to detect the passage of cars at a red light (intersection of Poseidonos and Kalamaki avenues). The initial goal is to collect data that will lead to conclusions about how effective the innovation is.

To begin with, only vehicles passing at a red light are checked, however, if the measure proves to be effective, then, perhaps, this measure will remain constant for registration of other violations, for example, such as the movement of cars along L.E.A. (emergency line, Λωρίδα Έκτακτης Ανάγκης (Λ.Ε.Α), travel on forbidden days to the center of Athens (for even and odd car numbers, Δακτύλιος), etc.

Where will the cameras be placed
The first camera captures violations on Poseidonos Avenue in the direction of Piraeus, and the second camera in the direction of Glyfada, as well as on the left side, in the direction of Kalamaki Avenue.

Their function
Vehicles are detected in real time using computer eye / vision technology.

Machine / computer vision technology is a scientific direction in the field of artificial intelligence, in particular, robotics, and related technologies for obtaining images of real-world objects, processing them and using the obtained data to solve various kinds of applied problems without the participation of (full or partial) humans.

As for detecting violations, they are performed using virtual detectors. For each violation, the system saves six (color) photographs that record the vehicle’s course before and after the stop line, as well as the phase of the signal. In addition, the system takes two (black and white) photographs that show the vehicle’s license plate before and after the stop line, while there will be a video of the violation and the phase, which is the signal.

According to the road services of Attica, on the streets of the capital, too many violations of the type of driving at a red traffic light are recorded every day. For example, from August to October 2021, 28,001 similar incidents were recorded.

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