Coffee and food will rise in price in the new year

Home delivery of coffee and food is becoming more expensive, according to official figures, as from January 1, 2022, an environmental tax of 10 cents applies to disposable plastic products.

In particular, as provided for by the relevant decision of the AADE Revenue Service published in the Official Gazette:

“Effective January 1, 2022, environmental tax will be levied on the single-use plastic products listed below that are available as food and beverage packaging when sold by food service companies and retailers. The amount is charged to consumers per unit of product. The plastic lid is treated as a separate unit for which tax will be charged separately. “

According to Law 4736/2020, the environmental contribution is set at 5 euro cents, including VAT. This means that the price of coffee not served will be increased by € 0.10.

This applies to:

1) Cups for drinks including lids.

2) Food containers (with or without a lid) that hold food that:

a) is intended for immediate use on the territory of a catering establishment or outside it;

b) intended for take-out;

c) is used for cooking or heating, including utensils used for fast food or other ready-to-eat meals, other than beverage containers, plates, bags and wrappers containing food.

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