More women will be recruited into police academies

Police schools are open to more women – the criterion for uniform height has been changed.

For the first time, the minimum height required for men and women to enter a police school has been differentiated in accordance with a bill introduced to parliament. Until now, it was 1.70 m. Now, according to the bill submitted for discussion and voting, for men it is set at 1.70 m, and for women – 1.63 m.

The change comes following a decision by the Council of Europe last summer that considered the only criterion unconstitutional, as only 19% of Greek women are 1.70 or more tall. This means that until recently 81% of Greek women simply could not physically get into training.

The bill states: “Introduces a difference in the criteria between male and female candidates for admission to the Greek police schools in terms of the minimum required height: not less than 1.70 m for men and 1.63 m for women.”

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