Thessaloniki: human remains found in the basement of a house

The manager of an apartment building on Angelaki Street in the center of Thessaloniki was shocked on Sunday afternoon to see the gruesome sight.

According to media reports, while checking the work carried out in the basement of a residential building, the man came across a pile of human bones. He immediately notified the police of the grisly find. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, and the area was cordoned off.

The bones are said to have been stored in the basement for several years. The case will be taken over by a special police service in Greece. The most likely scenario is the bones that a relative of the deceased simply … threw away after the ectaphysis procedure.

Recall that in Greece there is such a law: after 3 years, the remains of the grave must be removed from the grave only from rented burial places. In the Athenian cemeteries, indeed, a place is rented for 3 years, then the remains are removed and either cremated, or processed and transferred to the family grave.

How do funerals and reburials of remains in a village in Greece take place?

If the deceased has a family grave and the previous burial was made no earlier than 3 years before the death of the deceased, then the gravestone is removed from the grave, the remains from the old burial are dug up, processed and put into a separate bag, which is folded inside the crypt on the side of the gravestone … Then the deceased is buried.

If the previous burial in the family grave is fresh, less than 3 years old, then the deceased is buried in a rented grave. And 3 years after that, the family grave is opened, the bones are dug up and processed from both the family and rented graves, then they are put in separate bags and placed under the tombstone, which is closed.


Perhaps the person (resident of the house), who was given the bones of a relative from a grave rented for 3 years, was poor, old and sick, or he simply did not bother and “threw the bones” into the basement. Either way, the police will have to deal with this …

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