Metropolitan Seraphim of Kythyr and Antikythera took a tough stance

Metropolitan Seraphim of Kifir on November 21 said that “the temple of God is our home,” and checking coronavirus tests for entering the temple contradicts the traditional life of the Orthodox Church.

Commenting on testing near churches or checking vaccination certificates, he indignantly stated that “this did not happen even under totalitarian regimes,” writes Taking a tough stance, Metropolitan Seraphim says:

“The Temple of God is our home. This is our spiritual happiness. Here the Sacraments of our Church take place, and we communicate with God through the Holy Sacraments. This is a holy, unpolluted place. For those who are brought up from an early age and appreciate the temple of God, you understand how much hardship when the temples of God are closed, when barriers are raised, and when we, priests and church officials, are called to act like policemen and keep people out of the temple. who want to enter their home, the spiritual hospital. “

With pain and grief, he reminded all believers:

“The Holy Synod, with its encyclical, which was published, left the believers freedom in these matters: that people should choose – to be vaccinated or not – freely, and not compulsorily. There have never been such things, my dear brothers. They contradict the tradition of twenty centuries, the tradition of the life of our Church. This was not done even under totalitarian regimes. And what is happening now has never happened to the conquerors. “

According to the Metropolitan, the Prime Minister of Greece took the text of the Holy Synod and announced what was not there – the compulsory check of believers at the doors of churches.

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