In Russia, the Greek film “The Man of God” was watched by 44 thousand viewers in a month

Filmed in Greece, a film about St.Nektarios of Aeginsky started at the Russian box office. During October, “Man of God” gathered 44,000 spectators.

Protodeacon Alexander Pliska, acting as a film producer, announced the premiere screening of the film in Russia on his Facebook blog.

The film “The Man of God”, tells AOJ, tells about the hardships and trials that befell Saint Nektarios. This is the most revered Orthodox saint. Until the end of his life, he was faithful to his principles, inspiring the people around him.

The director of the film is Elena Popovic, an American with Serbian roots. Alexander Pliska said that from October to November the film “Man of God” was watched by 44 thousand Russian viewers. The shows continue.

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