Christ was replaced by Floyd

A painting with black characters depicting the Virgin Mary and Jesus with the “face” of Floyd in her arms hangs at the Catholic University of America with the blessing of the institution’s chaplain. Local BLM activists have already hinted to the authors of the petition that they will be in trouble. This is the painting “Mama”, which repeats the images of Pieta Michelangelo: the grieving Virgin Mary holding the dead body of Jesus Christ in her arms. In the version of “Mama”, both the Virgin Mary and Christ are black, and “Jesus” was endowed with the features of George Floyd – a repeatedly convicted African American who died while being detained by police in Minneapolis in May last year, and whose death provoked riots and pogroms in the United States organized by the Black Lives Matter movement. Students at the Catholic University of America (Washington, USA) have created a petition calling on the administration to remove the “icon” from the campus, calling it “heretical, blasphemous idolatry,” according to the Daily Mail.

The author, artist Kelly Latimore, is known for using Orthodox iconography in portraying prominent public figures. She created “Mom” immediately after Floyd’s death, and recently commented on this work on their social networks: “Many people asked if the person on the icon was“ George Floyd or Jesus? ”The answer to this question is“ yes. ”The figure of Christ on the icon has no nail holes in his hands, because he was lynched. We testify of Christ who is present in all crucified people of history. “

It is known that the creation of Orthodox icons requires the blessing and permission of church hierarchs, and there are great doubts that the artist had such permission.

The painting hangs in the chapel of the Catholic University of America, which has papal university status RCC in the US since spring 2021, following African American History Month. Blessed and sanctified the image University Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry Fr. Jude.

Many students are outraged and collect signatures under the demand for the university administration to remove the “icon” as disrespectful and blasphemous. As of November 23, more than 1,000 students have supported the petition.

“There is a fine line between recognizing the innate dignity and righteousness of humans, which are created in the image of God, and embracing brazen, progressive policies. Jesus was portrayed many times with different skin colors, but he was portrayed as Jesus, the sinless son of God. There was not a single theologian or icon painter who would paint or describe Christ as a specific person. I have not found anyone who could give a serious theological justification for such a heretical, blasphemous idolatry, “- said in a comment to the TV channel FoxNews freshman Blaine Clegg.

The authors of the petition have already started receiving threats …


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