The tragic death of an 8-year-old child – video a few seconds before death

The death of a child, trapped in a metal factory gate in Keratsini, is shocking. How could it happen that an 8-year-old girl found herself alone, in trouble, and died a martyr’s death? The tragedy took place on Wednesday 17 November. Surveillance cameras made it possible to see the last minutes of her life.

It all started at 5:30 pm when a car drove into the company’s courtyard through a sliding metal gate. The worker pressed the button that closed them and went inside the warehouse. It is not clear why the girl who entered the territory after the car, even seeing the closing doors, remained there. In the last seconds, she realized that she would be trapped and tried to get out. But she didn’t have time – the electric gates closed, pushing the child against the concrete wall. The clock shows 17:31.

Only 20 minutes later, at 17:50, an employee of the enterprise walks past the gate and sees a child being squeezed, but does not realize what it is. At 17:52 he walks by again, and this time he realizes that some kind of “hindrance” is between the door and the wall. At 5:54 pm he is joined by a second employee, as seen in the video, talking on the phone. Then someone presses the button and the gate moves apart, but no one is interested in what kind of “obstacle” prevented them from closing completely.

Meanwhile, the unconscious girl continues to remain in the same place. At 18:31, another truck enters the factory through the gates, and they are closed again by pressing a button, again crushing the child. Then the police arrive at the scene, and then EKAB (at 18:40). But the release of the deceased child was completed only at 21:10 at night by firefighters.

The lawyer of the family of the deceased girl asks: “Why did they not follow all the procedures to see what it is, so long as they saw that there was something at the door?”

Arrested four, including the child’s mother and grandmother, who were later released. Under arrest, the employee who was in charge of the sliding door, and the driver who opened and closed the gate. The investigation into the tragedy continues.

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