July 15, 2024

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Beauty is a thief from the competition

The case against a young participant in a beauty pageant in Crete, who allegedly stole 12,000 euros from the mother of her 16-year-old “friend”, was opened by the police in the Kissamos department.

The victim of the scam is a 45-year-old woman from Albania, mother of two children, ages 10 and 16, who lives and works in Kissamos, Chania. According to ertnews.gr, the 20-year-old female offender, also Albanian, was a close friend of her daughter’s and often visited their home.

The case reached the police authorities when the unfortunate woman realized that all her savings, more than 12,000 euros, had disappeared from her bank card. The investigation revealed that from 23 July to 3 November, 31 transactions were made using her debit card, in particular 28 withdrawals and 3 purchases for a total of 12,176 euros.

A preliminary investigation showed that the criminal, who had entered into an agreement with her friend, persuaded the victim’s unwilling 10-year-old daughter to give her mother’s bank card, offering her a “gift”. Both girls admitted that they spent money on clothes and expensive mobile phones, and even rented a villa where they had a party.

According to ERT Chania, a case has been opened against the attacker on charges of theft and fraud. The beauty was arrested when she was ready to go on a trip as she made it to the final group (finishing in 16th place) to take part in a well-known beauty pageant.

The friend of the criminal, the daughter of the victim, who saw how 12,000 euros “flew away”, is accused of fraud. Although it is unlikely that a mother will sue her own child.

Kissamu Police Department continues to investigate, collecting audiovisual material and testimony to be included in the case file.

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