Tragedy: 8-year-old girl crushed by a metal door

The tragedy happened on Wednesday 17.11 in Keratsini. A metal door crushed an 8-year-old baby, which led to her gruesome death. Relatives and friends left flowers and chocolates at the place where she died.

In the second half of that fateful day, the baby tried to break into the factory, which was located not far from the house where she lived with her parents. But it turned out to be trapped by a sliding metal door with an electric drive.

The child remained helpless and trapped for about 20 minutes as no one heard what had happened. As an employee of the plant told the Mega channel, the people in charge thought that there was “some kind of bag” stuck there.

An hour has passed since the 8-year-old child was trapped in a metal gate, until a person passing by found the child unconscious. EKAB rescuers who arrived on the scene tried to free the child, but they had to seek help from rescuers at the fire department (the station is very close to the factory, but no one informed them about the critical situation).

The baby’s lifeless body was removed from the “vice” three hours later … The child died.

Four arrests
On the fact of the incident, four people were arrested, including the child’s mother and grandmother (who left the baby unattended, in danger). Later they were released from arrest by the decision of the prosecutor’s office. The employee who was apparently in charge of the sliding door and the driver who entered the factory who opened and closed the door were arrested. An investigation is underway.

This whole story raised many questions about what exactly happened: why did the child remain trapped for so long, and no one did anything to save him?

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