Bloody robbery in Thessaloniki: 44-year-old store employee killed

The news of the murder in the robbery of a convenience store located on Grigoriu Lambraki Street in Tumpa (Thessaloniki) caused shock.

The murder victim was 44-year-old Marios, a man described by local shopkeepers on as being calm and working in a convenience store, mostly on the evening shift, to make a living.

Locals, who say they are shocked by the incident, point out that the area has seen an increase in crime lately, including burglaries and burglaries in homes and shops, and the situation, they now say, “got out of the picture.” under control ” thieves become aggressive and use weapons

How the crime was committed
According to the information available at the moment, the criminal with a closed face and gloves entered and threatened Mario with a pistol. The 44-year-old man allegedly resisted, as a result of which the offender hit him on the head with the handle of a pistol, and he received serious injuries. The thief was confirmed to have shot at Mario.

According to the police, a 9mm firearm was found at the scene and transferred to the forensic laboratory.

The unfortunate Marios struggled to stay alive in the AHEPA hospital, where he underwent an operation, which ended, unfortunately, with a fatal outcome at about 9:00. A bullet was found on an X-ray of the victim’s body.

An autopsy will be performed on Monday and the results of the preliminary examination are expected to be confirmed. According to the same information, head injuries inflicted by the perpetrator with the weapon handle are not fatal.

The investigation is in full swing. Law enforcement agencies are examining the materials of security cameras, which depict a thief and a murderer.

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