The brutal murder in Volos, the criminal is detained

The body of an elderly woman with multiple stab wounds was found in the basement of a house in Volos. She has been on the wanted list since last Thursday. Her godson confessed to the murder.

She was found wrapped in a blanket in the basement of an apartment building in Nea Ionia (Volos) on Kazanaki Avenue, where the 75-year-old woman lived on the ground floor. She went shopping on Thursday morning and never came back.

On the body of the deceased, numerous injuries were found in the area of ​​the body, face and neck, caused by a sharp object. According to, the woman was hit at least 20 times and her face was covered with transparent adhesive tape.

The door of her apartment, according to a police source, had no obvious signs of a burglary, but the Volos Security Department found blood stains near it and in the area of ​​the elevator, as well as in the basement. All the evidence pointed to the commission of a crime, so an examination was ordered, and the body was sent to Larisa’s Forensic Medicine Service.

An elderly woman, after the death of her husband, lived in an apartment with her son, who has health problems. She was wealthy enough. The disappearance was reported to the police by her relative. According to him, after the disappearance of the woman, all her personal belongings remained in the apartment. After inspecting the area, the police found 2 telephones of the murdered woman.

In record time, the police went on the trail of the killer and arrested the suspect, the newspaper reports. “Proto theme”… It turned out to be the 39-year-old godson of the deceased, who, according to available information, confessed to the murder of an elderly woman, Eftalia Avramidu-Aleksuli, to whom he often and persistently appealed for financial support. He has already been taken to the Magnesian police station, where he is being interrogated.

The man has a rich criminal record. His fingerprints were found on a transparent tape wrapped around the head of the unfortunate woman, and on a black garbage bag that covered her legs. Now the killer has to explain to the police why he killed his financially supporting godmother with such fury. It is also necessary to describe how and where he attacked her, then inflicting more than 25 (!) Knife blows.

The initial results of the investigation indicate that the killer dragged his victim into the basement, under the pretext or immobilizing her, as her son, suffering from mental retardation, who could interfere with the actions of the criminal, was in the apartment.

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