Volos: he was not a vaccine denier, he was just afraid

An unvaccinated patient died in Volos, who flatly refused intubation. Relatives call it suicide.

A resident of Volos with a positive test for coronavirus was in the Achillopuleio hospital in a critical condition. Doctors explained to a 55-year-old patient that he needed intubation, but the patient wrote a written waiver of it. Relatives say:

“He signed for his death. We did our best, but he was unshakable. You can say that this is suicide. “

The patient passed away, and relatives are trying to understand why this happened. One relative says:

“He didn’t want to be intubated. He didn’t want to go to the hospital, he didn’t get vaccinated, he fell into a coma when my husband found him and moved him. had to be intubated, but he refused. He signed a ban on intubation. He signed to die. “

Close relatives tried in every way to persuade him, but this turned out to be impossible:

“He didn’t want to, no, no, we begged him to do it for us, for his brothers, for his nieces. We sent him a message, that is, a last effort to get him to do this for us, a last favor, to do us a favor, to be intubated, and he rejected it too. We did our best, he was unshakable. He signed a paper stating that he does not want to participate in the intubation process, and the prosecutor’s office cannot interfere. Because in the beginning, when the doctors called us, they said that he was refusing to be intubated, and if we ask the prosecutor to intervene, he will be intubated. But he himself signed a paper refusal, and the prosecutor’s office in this case cannot do anything. “

Disconsolate relatives say that he was not a vaccine denier:

“He didn’t deny the virus, he was just afraid. He was always afraid of the side effects he heard about. He knew that the virus existed and was afraid of getting infected. But he was also afraid to get a vaccine, fearing side effects. And he was afraid of intubation. Social media, these groups, YouTube, they did a lot of damage, they all became “doctors” because of this. “

A relative of a 55-year-old man recalls how it all began:

“He ate a healthy diet, did not smoke or drink alcohol. On the first day he tested positive, he had a fever. He took it wrong, he took antibiotics, he did everything wrong from the beginning. The doctors said that he should go to the hospital, the pulmonologist said that he needed to go to the hospital. But he didn’t go. “

The death of a 55-year-old man caused shock among the residents of the city, and loved ones remain inconsolable after such a turn of events.

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