July 16, 2024

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Anxiety in Thessaloniki and upcoming new coronavirus measures

The north of Greece is boiling, with the spread of coronavirus in Thessaloniki almost peaking in April this year. New measures for Greek citizens are on the government’s table.

Viral load values ​​in Thessaloniki have been “slowly but surely” increasing over the past few weeks. However, in recent days, there has been a significant acceleration in the spread of the coronavirus. The government and experts are discussing new measures that may be announced this week. They concern mainly unvaccinated citizens.

Among them, as the edition writes Newsbeast, an increase in the number of mandatory rapid tests for workers who have not been vaccinated. It is expected that a diagnostic test will need to be done every 48 hours. Visitors to open areas of restaurants will also need a certificate of the postponed coronavirus or an express test.

The requirements for catering establishments will also increase – instead of side panels that protect visitors from the cold at tables in the fresh air, only awnings will become mandatory. And the side fences themselves, if any, should not exceed 1.30 meters in height – otherwise the site will be considered a closed space. Music on the street is also planned to be banned.

There are disagreements regarding the mass mailing of SMS to the unvaccinated, and this issue has not yet been resolved. The messages were supposed to remind unvaccinated citizens on a daily basis to get vaccinated. Professor Ilias Mossialos expressed his public disagreement on this matter.

The meeting of the expert committee is scheduled for Wednesday, November 3. On the table for discussion: work in the red zones of nightclubs, strengthening the checks of certificates of vaccination, the nuances of the campaign to convince the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. The proposed measures have not yet been agreed upon. They will most likely be announced on Thursday, after Kyriakos Mitsotakis returns from Glasgow on Wednesday.

Yesterday, October 31, in the coronavirus summary over the past 24 hours, 2,727 new cases, 421 intubated, 44 deaths were announced.

Earlier, our publication talked about the fact that, given the spread of new strains, scientists have analyzed how COVID-19 symptoms changed and which ones became dominant.

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