Greece: in October, the number of people wishing to vaccinate decreased by 50%

In the first 12 days of October, the number of vaccinations dropped significantly, and now the daily number of those who decide to take the first dose is less than 50% of the corresponding figures for September and August.

Apparently, the bulk of the people who were vaccinated have already made their choice, and the rest are in no hurry to “pour some kind of incomprehensible slurry into themselves,” as they characterize the drugs anti-axers

According to the statistics of vaccination against COVID-19 ( ), up to the day before yesterday 12,331,868 vaccinations were made, while 6,512,567 citizens were vaccinated with at least one dose, that is, about 62% of the population or 71.3% of the adult population.

From October 1 to October 12, 197,888 vaccinations were given (without revaccination), of which 66,901 were the first dose. In September, 725,371 vaccinations were given, of which 389,424 were the first dose. And 872,152 were vaccinated in August (350,572 first doses).

In the first 12 days of October, an average of 5,575 primary vaccinations were given daily, compared with 12,980 in September and 11,686 in August, the month when most people were on summer vacation.

It is noted that 5,575 vaccinations with the first dose on average per day is the lowest “result” recorded since the beginning Operation Freedom… The most active month for the vaccination program was June: 2 793 911 vaccinations (average 93 130 per day, of which 39 707 were the first dose). This is followed by May – 2,499,931 vaccinations (80,643 per day, 48,207 first doses).

Health authorities are focusing on increasing vaccination coverage in lower-performing regions and populations, while working with local offices to strengthen the program. “Right now I dare say that there is no idea that has not been implemented in business. Anyone with an idea can invite us to discuss it, ”said Marios Themistocleous, general secretary of primary health care, coordinator of Operation Eleftheria (Freedom).

According to him, “we have turned out to be a very extroverted business. What has never been done in the national health system is for 300 mobile teams to go to remote areas. ” He added: “We urge mayors and MPs, regardless of the party, to step up these efforts. And this is not only a matter for the government. Everyone needs to convince the people to get vaccinated. “

The Public Health Forum has launched a new COVID-19 vaccination campaign that focuses primarily on parents, grandparents, teachers who are encouraged to vaccinate, and to protect the mental, emotional and physical health and well-being of children.

Social Medicine: In a related TV spot that is shown on social media, vaccination against COVID-19 is about much more than protecting adults: it’s the lessons of children in school, their sports, school trips.

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