Comments on articles on vaccines against covid are blocked

Today the news portal “Delfi” (Lithuania) announced the blocking of the opportunity to comment on articles about vaccination. Vytautas Benokraitis, director of the company that manages the portal in Lithuania, argues the decision with a desire to stop the spread of fakes:

“We are all worried seeing that the situation with the pandemic in Lithuania is not improving. (…) Despite the fact that cohesion is most needed in society at such a time, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories have become especially widespread, the number of provocations and opposition in society has increased The facts clearly show that vaccinations are the strongest weapon that can help to get out of this crisis, but part of the public is frightened by the spread of unreliable and simply false information. “

This week, the opportunity to comment on topics related to the pandemic was canceled by the Estonian portal “Delfi”.

Help: Delfi is a network of online news publications. Delfi portals publish information in Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Polish. The total audience of the network is about 700,000 people a day.

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