NATO welcomes Greco-French agreement

The defense agreement between Greece and France was welcomed by a NATO representative. NATO Co-Chair Oana Luntsescu praised the “cooperation between the allies”.

In an interview with ERT, she noted:

“It is important for NATO that this equipment is interoperable so that we can work together and work in parallel. Therefore, we welcome cooperation between NATO allies on this issue. ”

Referring to the S-400 and Turkey, according to the Athens News Agency, Ms Luntsescu said:

“The Secretary General and many allies are very clear about the fact that the Russian S-400 system is incompatible and cannot be integrated into NATO’s defense system.”

The NATO Co-Chair also made a statement on the creation of the European Defense Union:

“We urge our European allies to do more for years. Greece is setting an example by investing over 2% of GDP in defense. “

Who should be in the post held by Ms. Luncescu, male or female? This is not a question for her. She replies simply:

“It is important to show that NATO is an organization for all and we are here to protect both men and women.”

And Maiba Braze, Deputy Secretary for Public Diplomacy of the Alliance, adds:

“Personally, I feel like a professional, I don’t feel any specific aspect in relation to gender. I believe that we are hired as professionals, not because we are women or men. “

Somewhat different reaction, quite expectedly, prompted an agreement in Ankara. “The defense agreement between Greece and France is a threat to regional peace and stability,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in its first official reaction.

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