Passion for covid: green light – you can go to the toilet

Governments no longer know what to come up with as new measures to better fight the coronavirus in everyday life.

Spain is a European country in which the number of vaccinated people looks just wonderful – 80.84%, and fully vaccinated – 78.96%. And this despite the fact that the country’s population is 48 million 778 thousand people. For example, in Greece, with a population of 10 million 358 thousand people, 62.80% are vaccinated, and 60.40% are fully vaccinated.

The situation with the division of the population in Greece into vaccinated and not vaccinated, as well as the emergence of catering establishments such as “COVID-FREE” for the Spaniards is nonsense. But the Spanish authorities are still on the alert, coming up with and officially introducing new measures, which sometimes seem very strange. I will give just one example that really impressed me (I hope the Greek authorities will not hear me and will not introduce this measure to combat coronavirus).

So you’ve come to a restaurant in Spain. The tables are set apart from each other, and this is understandable. Come in with a mask and when you sit down at the table, take it off. It’s okay for now. But then suddenly you wanted to use the toilet! How to be? “What a strange question, – the Greeks will tell me, – got up and went” (after putting on a mask).

But no! In Spain, a semaphore was installed on toilets! Red – sit at the table and endure, and when the green lights up – run to the bathroom, while someone hasn’t gotten ahead of you.

Like this. And you say …

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