Greek government spokesman blames God for flooding in north Evia

“No one can deceive God,” a government spokesman said in all seriousness at a Monday briefing on floods in the north of Evia, which was hit by wildfires in August.

“The problem is not that the burned-out roads have been blocked,” he said, adding, “Unfortunately, no one can deceive God, we cannot control natural phenomena.”

The blaming game against Mr. Ikonou is another twist on an even higher spiritual level for a conservative government narrative that argued in the summer that “bushfires were caused by climate change,” rather than delayed human intervention to extinguish fires by air and other means.

However, it is worth noting that Ikonome did not urge residents affected by the flood to rush to church and light a candle and did not specify if God has any special problems with Evia, especially with the inhabitants of its northern part. A government spokesman also said this is not the first time the seaside resort of Agia Anna has been flooded.

It should be recalled that Government Minister Stelios Petsas said on Sunday that there is no connection between the burnt summer forests and floods two months later.

Be that as it may, Ikonomou assured that the government is fully engaged in structural issues, especially where the situation has deteriorated, and stressed: “We are fighting against the time.”

“Two months after the devastating wildfires on the islands, which burned more than 50,000 hectares of forest (when the authorities completely ignored the situation on the island), and the recent reports in mainstream media that“ flood control work is progressing at a rapid pace. ” It was revealed that studies on flood protection measures should be completed by the end of October, state broadcaster ERT said on Monday.

Also speaking on Skai TV on Monday, the deputy minister in charge of government aid and disaster recovery, Christos Triantopoulos said flood control work in northern Evia would begin next week. He added that anti-erosion measures are moving forward.

He said that urgent funding of € 20 million will be allocated to the regional government and municipalities in the flood-affected areas in Evia. The money will be used to clean up the aftermath of the flood and continue the work, including cleaning up the streams.

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