December 11, 2023

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Greek restaurant paid € 10,000 for Merkel’s wax figure

The owner of a Greek tavern in Germany forked out as much as 10 thousand euros to install a wax figure of Angela Merkel.

“We will never have a chancellor like her again,” Alexis Vaiu told German television station Butenunbinnen. Therefore, he decided, from the moment Angela Merkel left the political scene, to find a way to always stay by his side. And an idea was born in his head – to capture a political leader in a wax model.

“In love” with Angela Merkel gave 10,000 euros for her wax model, which he exhibits in the restaurant hall. To carry out his plans, he first had to get the approval of Angela Merkel’s office, after which he made an order in China.

Now the happy restaurateur got the opportunity to admire “his beloved” every day.

Although it seems to be expected that the wax model of Merkel will not stay for a long time in the restaurant of the Greek immigrant, but will be donated to the local office of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) for a thematic exhibition.

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