Santorini: Buzova caught in the arms of a new boyfriend

Singing presenter Olga Buzova was caught in the arms of a man on vacation in Greece. The photo, where the star is worn on the hands, spread at lightning speed on social networks. As writes WomanHit, a close friend gave out the “secret” of the artist.

The camera lens caught Buzova’s evening walk with a gentleman. Since the man is photographed from the back, it is impossible to guess his identity. He is young enough, thin and tall, his hair is short and not too dark. Many fans of the singing presenter suggested that she was again meeting with football player Dmitry Tarasov – she was very similar in appearance to the man in the frame. Others thought that Olga was carried in her arms by her PR director Anton Bogoslavsky. By the way, he often accompanies the diva on various tours.

“Happy release to you, my girl!” – a snapshot was signed on the network.

Olga Buzova herself does not publish footage on the social network regarding her possible romantic relationship. But the star posts photographs of gorgeous bouquets in her microblogs, which may well indicate the appearance of a caring boyfriend in her life.

The other day, Buzova really released a new track. He is about the complex relationships of celebrities with men. So the shot came in handy.

Buzovaya in Santorini has “blown off the roof”.

Buzovaya in Santorini has “blown off the roof”.

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Saturday, July 31, 2021

A day earlier, Buzova burst into tears at the sight of the blue roof of a church on the island of Santorini, for which she undeservedly got it from commentators and envious colleagues.

It is known that after a divorce from Dmitry Tarasov, Olga Buzova met with rapper Dava for a long time. Abroad, the lovers even managed to play a test wedding. However, soon after returning to their homeland, they parted.

Since then, the exact information about her relationship with the opposite sex is unknown to fans. Some fans continue to believe in the reunion of the couple, but Dava, apparently, already has a contender for his heart.

The singing presenter suffered for a long time and accused the musician of physical and moral violence. The artist was even suspected of drunkenness after the break. But she denied all the rumors, hinting that health was the most dear to her.

The girl has repeatedly said that she wants a strong family. Did she really find her soul mate after breaking up with Dava?

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