May 22, 2024

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Easter: strange Easter eggs and souvlaki lamps

Chocolate sheep with handmade marshmallows, eggs with caramel filling in a chicken nest, multi-colored quail eggs in chocolate boxes and other eye-catching delights have already appeared on the windows of confectionery shops on the eve of Easter. What can we say about paraffin souvlaki and sushi!

“Consumers have already started looking for Easter table decorations, sweets and candles to celebrate Easter with dignity. At the same time, everyone wants to buy something special, but at the same time economical,” says the owner of the confectionery Georgios Avgeros and emphasizes: “Prices for eggs start from three euros (small ones) and go up to 25 € (largest ones), which required a lot of work work hard. Many of our masterpieces, for example, such as the planet of the Little Prince (in the form of an Easter egg), have already been sold out.”


“The increase in demand for Easter candles has reached 15% compared to last year,” notes Alexis Gerakis, the store owner, adding: “Easter is late this year, which has helped extend the shopping period. The leader is “sushi” on a plate and it’s gigantic. They are followed by Stitch. Also in the first rows are candles with a Barbie doll. And the candle of the year was a jar of olive oil, a delicacy that, however, did not go into mass production due to… its high cost.”


“80% of handmade candles cost from 10-15 euros, there are simple inexpensive candles and, of course, exquisite, figured ones, the price of which can reach 25 euros. This year also saw a large increase in sales to tourists for the first time candles on the theme of Ancient Greece, in the form of a cup of frappe coffee and souvlaki. Of course, lamps with the logos of the largest fashion houses and football teams are in demand,” emphasizes Mr. Gerakis.


President of the Thessaloniki Bakers Union Elsa Koukumeria explains that “this year prices for simple buns (chureki) will range from 12 to 15 euros per kg, and for chocolate ones – from 17 to 20 euros. Last year the price fluctuated between 14-17 euros per kilogram.”

Ms Cucumeria notes that “Easter is arriving very late this year and many consumers are avoiding buying chocolate eggs as there is a risk they will melt and be difficult to store, causing confectioners to lose a lot of turnover. Compared to other years, turnover has already decreased by 30%, also due to rising prices for chocolate

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