Greece asked Russia for another B-200

Greece asked Russia to send another B-200 aircraft. According to Sputnik, Athens sent a request to the Russian authorities.

The contribution of the Russian “beast”, as the B-200 seaplane is called in Greece, was more than noticeable in the last fire in Varibobi, where it played a decisive role in extinguishing the fire. After the Russian “beast” poured water onto the burning area, the other planes had nothing to do there.

Russian seaplane Beriev-200. putting out a fire in Athens

Russian seaplane Beriev-200, extinguishing a fire in Athens

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Tuesday, August 3, 2021

In addition to Russia, under the European Mutual Aid Mechanism, France is sending two Canadair firefighting aircraft, Switzerland – three helicopters, and Romania – cars and 112 firefighters.

We remind you that 20 Cypriot firefighters with two fire trucks, two Swedish helicopters and 80 French firefighters are already working in Greece.

All assistance is mobilized through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, co-financed by the Commission for at least 75% of transport costs.

From Thursday to putting out the fire at last the armed forces also joined… After a long ordeal, Greece was finally allowed to use its own army and air force to help the population as part of the plan Δευκαλίων… At a press briefing, Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos talked about how the military will help prevent wildfires, “given the critical situation in the coming days at the forefront.”

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