Mitsotakis: “The country is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis”

On Thursday, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the Ilia (Elis) region of the Peloponnese, the home of the Olympic Games, Ancient Olympia.

During the visit, Mitsotakis thanked all those who participated in rescue from fires sanctuaries and announced an unprecedented environmental crisis that the country is experiencing due to the heat wave and severe fires.

The Prime Minister visited the Museum of Ancient Olympia and learned the details of saving archaeological sites from fire. According to the prime minister’s press service, he visited the mobile operational center “Olymp” and went to other areas affected by the fire.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis thanked Elijah’s firefighters and volunteers for their dedication and heroism in trying to minimize the catastrophic consequences of the fire. The prime minister stressed:

“The country is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis, with numerous large fires in many parts of the country. The result of the heat wave, which has been standing for the second week. Many thanks to everyone who fought to protect the sacred site of Olympia with its huge global symbols. Fortunately, this territory and the surroundings are fully protected and unharmed. But the battle continues, we still have active fronts of fire here in Elijah. Tomorrow we will have an even harder day as we estimate there will be stronger winds. “

During the discussion with citizens, it was not without criticism of the government, especially for the lack of the necessary fire protection equipment. The prime minister replied that he fully understands and shares “anger, rage, indignation of citizens who saw how property is being destroyed”:

“Unfortunately, although we have more aviation assets per capita than any other country, it is not possible for these funds to be available all at once in all parts of the country. service, she is the only one who has a complete understanding of the dangers of every fire. Now we have a very difficult period. When the time comes, and it will come very soon, the state will support the affected citizens. “

The prime minister assured that all affected citizens will receive compensation: houses can be restored, and producers will receive financial support for burnt crops or damaged trees. Mitsotakis paid special attention to climatic changes, which have become a real phenomenon:

“If no action is taken, we will soon be faced with more and more dramatic situations.”

The prime minister also said that approximately 2 billion euros will be allocated to the civil protection program.

Lina Mendoni, Minister of Culture, visited the archaeological site and spoke about the measures taken to prevent the fire. According to the minister, fire protection systems are in place at the archaeological site, for several days the territory was irrigated from their installations, and the roof of the archaeological museum was watered by employees of the Antiquities Department.

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