September 22, 2023

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Payment of the allowance to EEE, the former KEA, on July 30

EEE (former KEA) minimum guaranteed income in July 2021. will be credited to the recipients’ accounts on Friday 30/07.

The payment of the benefit to the beneficiaries is made after the approval of the decision of the Ministry of Labor and comes from the budget allocated for 2021 to finance the Organization of Social Benefits and Social Solidarity (OPECA).

The July 2021 payment to beneficiaries (those who applied before June 30, 2021 and was approved) of the Minimum Guaranteed Income Program (formerly KEA) will be made on the last business day of July 2021, i.e. Friday 30 July 2021

However, as you know, on the previous working day of payment, Thursday, July 29, 2021, in the afternoon, the money will be available at ATMs.

The payment of the former KEA benefit is made in two equal parts: the first half is credited to the recipient’s card, from which you can withdraw cash or use when paying in stores, and the second to a prepaid card, from which you cannot withdraw cash, but only pay for goods and services.

Attention! Benefit claims are updated every 6 months.

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