Anti-vaccine doctor opposes vaccination

Faidon Vovolis, cardiologist, anti-vaccine doctor, leader of the Again for Freedom movement, is the man who organized a recent rally on Syntagma, openly opposing vaccination.

A cardiologist, who has his clinic in Kifissia, through his posts on Facebook, accuses the government of trying to forcibly vaccinate the whole world and organized a demonstration of anti-vaccinators on Syntagma, during which, as the photos show, participants did not keep their distance, and the wearing of masks was minimal. Anti-vaccines held Greek flags, banners and icons with the face of the Virgin Mary, according to

The gathered people resisted the police, pelting the guards with stones, flares and Molotov cocktails. As a result, there were 25 arrests and 4 arrests.

Faidon Vovolis, in his posts on social networks, claims, among other things, that he is ignored by the media because of his “political views.” He recently accused the Holy Synod of being subordinate to the government (in relation to the coronavirus pandemic).

The doctor in his messages condemns the bawling “parrots” who urge everyone to get the vaccine, indiscriminately, and that he, who had been vaccinated, would never have done it now, since the pressure on people is beyond reason.

The doctor does not hesitate to declare that vaccines are experimental, but even if they were not, he would not get vaccinated again, because, as he states, “I am not at risk for neither age nor health reasons, and therefore I will not die from the coronavirus! ” He compares the response to the pandemic to Nazism, referring to the “new Reich” and “sanitary apartheid”.

Disciplinary action against the doctor from уΣΑ after his statement: “this is a mockery of people”
The Athens Medical Association (Ιατρικός Σύλλογος Αθηνών, ΙΣΑ) in a statement condemned the views expressed by cardiologist Faydon Vovolis on the coronavirus.

The ISA, after uploading the relevant post by F. Vovolis on Facebook, stated: “The Athens Medical Association, informed about the publication of a colleague, a cardiologist, on social networks, categorically declares that it condemns any publication of personal and unfounded scientific views that pose a threat to widespread public “:

“The publication seeks to distort scientific truth and undermine the work of the state and the special committee on infectious diseases, created to limit the spread of coronavirus. Such actions are reprehensible and disorienting to the masses. As a medical organization, we must be serious and careful (….). ΙΣΑ certainly recognizes freedom of expression, but in the current context of the global pandemic, we will not tolerate the publication of purely personal opinions in the media or on social networks that raise the suspicion that they are being done maliciously or for personal reasons. This is a blow to the merit of the health care system. ΙΣΑ, by order of its president, will take all necessary measures at the criminal and disciplinary level. “

Post by Faidon Vovolis that triggered the reaction:

“OF COURSE I DO NOT AGREE with these measures. This is just a mockery! With 500 cases and 15 fatalities, the country was locked down for a lockdown. THEY CONTROL YOUR MIND THROUGH THE MEDIA. It’s also a discipline test. Don’t obey them. They have employed many of my colleagues (doctors) to control and terrorize you. Those doctors who understand pathophysiology just laugh at all this! We are not talking here about conspiracy theories, but about the fact that the real numbers are hidden! “.

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