Action or foresight: transforming the vaccinated into zombies

The reaction of the creators of the American feature film “I Am Legend”, in which vaccinated people turned into “living dead”, gave its own response to public criticism. Released in 2007, the film unfolds in an unsuccessful attempt to genetically modify measles to fight cancer, killing 99% of the world’s population. The few who survive […]

ALCO: anti-virus profile in Greece

Almost seven out of ten residents of Greece (68%) trust vaccines, 12% of the unvaccinated were convinced by a family doctor, and 75% of the unvaccinated are not afraid of the coronavirus. This data is taken from a survey conducted by the rating company ALCO for the Athens Medical Association (ISA) on citizens’ attitudes towards […]

Greece: Protest Marches Against Compulsory Vaccination Continue

In Greece, the protest marches of opponents of compulsory vaccination and vaccination in any form continue. Protest actions took place in Athens, Thessaloniki, Cerron and other cities of the country. In the Greek capital Athens, anti-vaccination activists gathered again in Syntagma Square near the parliament to protest against the compulsory vaccination and vaccination of adolescents, […]

Anti-virus booed priests in Greek churches (video)

Opponents of vaccination in Greece have found a new way to state their position: they began verbally attacking priests when they addressed parishioners, recommending vaccination against Covid-19. In just two days, there were two incidents in Zakynthos and Thessaloniki, when anti-vaccinators boycotted a priest, shouting “Shame!” At the Church of St. Paraskeva in Neapolis (Thessaloniki), […]

Anti-vaccine doctor opposes vaccination

Faidon Vovolis, cardiologist, anti-vaccine doctor, leader of the Again for Freedom movement, is the man who organized a recent rally on Syntagma, openly opposing vaccination. A cardiologist, who has his clinic in Kifissia, through his posts on Facebook, accuses the government of trying to forcibly vaccinate the whole world and organized a demonstration of anti-vaccinators […]

Athens: Opponents’ March of Mandatory Vaccination

For the third time, thousands of Athens residents came to the center of the capital to protest against the mandatory vaccination. From 18-30 in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčOmonia Square, participants began to gather, who, with banners and slogans, express their disagreement with the mandatory vaccinations announced by the government. View the embedded image gallery online […]

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