Funeral mood in Mykonos

Mykonos spent the first quiet night after the emergency measures to curb the spread of coronavirus came into force on the island.

“At 1 am people were driven from everywhere, but practically until 1:30 people could not return to their hotels, although the police were everywhere,” said John Stavropoulos from New York. “There was no music in the club we went to. and at one o’clock in the morning they told us very politely that we should leave. We obeyed, observing the decision of the authorities. “

The mini-lockdown and related measures have raised serious concerns among tourism entrepreneurs as cancellations have already begun and prepayers are trying to change dates in the hopes that music will be allowed again.

The introduction of measures in Mykonos led to the cancellation of private parties in villas.

According to the information, a grand party was planned at the villa of the famous businessman last Saturday evening. About 150 guests were expected, many of whom were to arrive on Vetrov Island from the UK and the USA. The organizers did not want to risk the harsh punishment, and the guests were informed of the cancellation of the party.

However, music was still heard from some of the villas until 1:30, but then there was a deadly silence, as traffic is prohibited until 6:00 in the morning.

No one has ever seen such a “calm” Mykonos at the height of summer …

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